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We’ve reached a fork in the river. Either we continue our significant reliance on carbon-based power, or we adopt a more balanced mix of natural, renewable energy. We choose the latter. Hydropower has tremendous potential to provide clean dispatchable electrical power. Properly developed, it will generate long-term benefits for communities, dam owners, investors, developers, and for our planet.

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Projects that pay.

Floodgates of opportunity are opening in hydropower all across the country. Through much analysis and research, we have developed a proprietary pipeline of opportunities for electrifying existing dams and upgrading existing hydropower plants. We have several projects underway with more around the bend.


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Cube Hydro is a company that invests in, develops, and modernizes hydroelectric facilities, and provides consulting services on project management, regulation, and development of hydroelectric power and other clean energy resources. We are currently looking for a new team member.

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